The Church teaches that marriage is designed by God as the mutual giving of one man and one woman as a sign of the permanent covenant God has established with human persons. The Sacrament of Marriage is one of the seven Sacraments instituted by Christ and is governed by her laws.  
Unfortunately, marital breakdowns are a reality and because of this great pain, all individuals experience this pain and hurt.  Because of the unbreakable bond and promise to live in fidelity to one's spouse and one's covenantal promise, people find themselves in difficult situations after a divorce.
The Church as a loving mother addresses the needs of the divorced while still supporting the permanence of a valid marriage.  The Marriage Tribunal, the judicial arm of the Church, seeks to clarify the person's standing in the Church and whether they can marry and receive the sacraments again.  The annulment process has been established to help people to address these difficulties and pain they have experienced.  If you are interested in learning more about the Annulment process in the Church, please contact our Notary Auditors at:
Alba Diaz or Barb Roedel